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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good after noon. >> we begin with breaking news, out of san francisco. >> a gas line break shut down some streets in chinatown as the evening commute is about to get underway. >> sky 7 hd is over stockton street. some businesses had to be evacuated. the road construction crew broke the line. >> it's not clear how long repairs are going to take. the 1,000 block of stockton surrounding streets are closed off to traffic and pedestrians. >> nearby residents are being asked to shelter in place. we will update you on any developments throughout this newscast and on twitter. >> now to san mateo county and a
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real scare for a homeowner who found a mountain lion roaming around her property. images being captured on surveillance. >> imagine looking out a glass door and seeing a mountain lion staring back at you. that's what happened this morning. once spotted, it didn't take off, instead it stuck around for a while. >> i saw this big face. and my immediate reaction was, i have to make sure that door is locked. >> jeanette was just starting her day as an executive assistant. this is the face she saw belonging to a young mountain lion. it was alone and calm on the patio. they were separated by glass doors. >> it seemed like it was curious. very strange. it didn't seem scared at all, which kind of scared me.
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>> the area is heavily wooded. homes are widely separated by acres of natural growth. miss anderson said the lion appeared to be a cub. the san mateo county sheriff's office said the mother lion and two cubs were spotted in the same area sunday. this may have been one of those cubs. deputies arriving at the scene six minutes later saw only the lion's tail and hind quarter as it disappeared back into the woods. the sheriff's office said miss anderson did everything correctly for her own safety. >> don't approach them, don't antagonize them. if you leave them alone, they'll leave you alone. >> mountain lions are protected mammals in california. researchers say attacks on humans are rare. and residents already seem cognizant of advice from the state dwept of fish and wildlife. >> instead of going on a walk by myself, make sure i walk with someone else and make sure my kids, you know are not alone. >> i think they're probably more afraid of humans than we think
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they are. and i'm sure they'll keep their distance. unless we go to a den or something. >> a 30 year resident said had he never encountered a mountain lion. in woodside, david louie, abc 7 news. >> sky 7 hd was over the scene of a small explosion. it happened on the 200 block of sobrante way. it was an industrial accident. nothing intentional or criminal. hazmat crews have declared it's safe. the business should open again in the next few minutes from what we understand. two employees did suffer minor injuries in the explosion. new warning about the possible exposure to measles on bart. a person with measles took the train last friday. public health officials say the risk to riders is low. this is the second time this
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month bart riders have been exposed to measles. there are now 127 cases of measles in california. 17 of those are in the bay area. coming up at 5:00, the effort to get every child in the san francisco unified school district vaccinated. new details about a disturbing kidnapping case in the north bay. >> flee men have been arrested, accused of holding a 22-year-old woman hostage raining and beating her for two months. >> investigators believe the 34-year-old masterminded the everyone entire thing. two others are accused of preventing the victim from leaving. >> coming up at 5:00, abc 7 news reporter laura anthony spoke with one of the suspects girlfriends who is telling a very different story of what she says happened there. let's take you to hercules where a home on buttercup court is the focus of the city's first residential homicide investigation in two years. police are asking for anyone in
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the flowers neighborhood who has surveillance cameras to check if they caught anything suspicion between noon and 3:00 yesterday. officers arrested another man who was fighting with the victims. investigators don't believe the suspect knew those victims. they found a fake gun at the scene but don't know who it belonged to. >> we are learning more about the person who was beheaded. why jihadi john may be a university graduate from london some describe as kind and humble. >> unmasking a barbaric murderer. jihadi john shown beheading people. he's mohammed emwazi many he
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grew up in this neighborhood in west london. >> really it's hard to imagine. >> he left for syria three years ago, where he later joined isis emwazi grew frustrated with the british government. the intelligence agency mi-5 questioned emwazi even trying to recruit him. >> they had his dna, fingerprints. they had taken pictures of him. they were watching him. what happened. did he fall off the radar? >> u.s. and british intelligence officials have known who was behind this mess for months. but still are not commenting. >> i'm not in a position to either confirm or deny. >> as the hunt continues, the family of one of his victims says they're confident he will be caught. >> we want to go watch him be
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prosecuted in an american court of law. that's american justice, that's how our country deals with these situations. >> there's some concern the search could be more complicated now that his name has been released. tipping him off now that authorities are talking to people who know a lot about him. lapping now, every city, police and fire departments across the country are waiting to find out if they will lose precious federal dollars. congress is deadlocked over funding for the department of homeland security. funding for the agency runs out at the end of the week. most workers would stay on the job but would have to work without pay until the funding stand-off gets resolved. >> everybody i know cannot live without having a paycheck on time. members of congress even. >> i think it's outrageous, the senate democrats are using homeland security funding for black males who protect the actions of the president.
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>> lawmakers are add odds because of president obama's immigration action. the house passed a bill that funds dhs and overturns immigration orders. the senate is moving forward on a bill that only address ses dhs funding. an officer striking a homeless man as he gets off a muni bus. >> carolyn tyler has the video. >> we want to make sure that this doesn't happen to anyone else. >> jeff is showing pictures of his client bernard warren. who was injured in an altercation with a police officer earlier this month. the confrontation started on muni and captured on bus surveillance cameras. the driver called police to get the 36-year-old sleeping man off the bus. words are exchanged. >> officer raymond chew ends up
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striking warren five times in the legs with his baton and squirting pepper spray in his eyes for resisting arrest. >> we see this incident as an example of an officer who obviously needs training. according to the use of force policy of the san francisco police department, officers are supposed to diffuse situations, not escalate them. >> officers get a substantial amount of training dealing with those people that are mentally ill all the way to people that are in crisis. >> police chief greg sir believes officer chew responded appropriately to someone who was threatening to harm him. >> he continues to tell the officer that he's going to beat his behind. which is a crime. you continue to hear the officer say get on the ground get on the ground. get on the ground. there's no compliance. >> a paralyzed man said officers tried to dump him from his
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wheelchair. both show officers over reacting to minor conflicts. in the latest incident the district attorney's office said it's reviewing all the evidence. but in the meantime a trial for bernard warren is scheduled for next month, for his misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest. in san francisco carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> 400-year-old books stolen from italy turned up in the bay area this week. the chronicle reports someone took the books from italy's historical national library over the past few years. u.s. customs and immigrations say the bay area buyer had no idea the books were stolen. the priceless books will be returned to the italian government. we may be in store for a big change in the weather. >> a much needed one too. spencer christian is here with our accuweather update. >> much needed rain is on the way. it may not be much rain. here's a look at live doppler 7
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hd clouds thickening a bit near the coast. some land areas as well. you can see there is some rain pushing into the pacific northwest, not a lot of rain, this is the system that is expected to bring us some showers by saturday. right now we're looking live at the western sky. you can see the clouds are currently 63 degrees in san francisco and san jose both at 66. 71 gilroy 59 half moon bay. there's a look down toward ocean beach. it's 70 right now in santa rosa, upper 60s in petaluma fairfield, concord and livermore. and a nice view of sfo. this is our first forecast mostly clear skies this evening. mostly cloudy tomorrow, breezy and cool and a breezy afternoon with high temperatures ranging from only upper 50s near the coast to mid-60s inland. i'll show you when the rain is expected to arrive a little later. >> thank you so much. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, a rare unionization vote in silicon valley.
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should bus drivers organize? >> and a high speed chase on four legs. you'll see how this hot pursuit came to an end. new at 4:30 a real honor for a group of oakland third graders who stepped up to
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favor of what's called net neutrality. this is seen as a victory for small entrepreneurs and comcast at&t won't be able to slow down apps websites for reasons like slowing down competitor's content or blocking political opinions they disagree with, or just making money off companies that could afford to pay for fast lane privileges. internet and cell phone service is back on for people in arizona. service was knocked out until early today when someone analyzed the fiberoptic line to a large part of the state. people from phoenix flagstaff couldn't use the internet or atm's. police are investigating. >> the area code overlay in san francisco that is going on is causing some unexpected problems in apartment buildings.
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a technician arrived to reprogram the intercom system. many intercoms have stopped working, because they were programmed to deal only seven digits. the area code overlay requires a 10 digit dial. that means visitors are not able to call tenants to get buzzed into the building. >> some people are pretty upset about it they're not able to get their packages. their tenants have a guest come up, they have to come down and answer the door. >> we found several buildings with all kinds of notes warning residents about this problem. some of the older intercoms can't be reprogrammed and therefore, need to be replaced. >> bus drivers who shuttle apple employees will vote tomorrow whether to unionize. >> members of the teamster's union staged protests outside the cupertino headquarters. >> matt keller has the story. >> the teamsters came into
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cupertino to discuss working conditions for full and part time shuttle bus drivers who work at apple yahoo, ebay. union officials say drivers get low wages and benefit packages while often working split shifts with long waits in between. >> i think it's about sharing the wealth. as long as their workers are making a lot of money it's deserving the drivers should have a living wage, good health care, and the right to choose a union. >> the teamsters unionized members in november. menlo park made a new deal with the drivers recently. it increased their health care and wage package by $34,000 a year per employee. that's the same deal they have with apple. >> i think it behooves these
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companies to be a good community partner. they can be societal by raising people up to do work for them to at least make a decent living, have decent benefits for their family and have some future. >> i reached out to apple, they had no comments. >> as for the union election, that will take place tomorrow. >> time for a look at our weather. looks nice behind us. >> it's beautiful out there. complainings are coming, and spencer christian is tracking it for us. >> those changes will begin tomorrow. the rain will probably -- let's start with what's happening right now. bright skies over the bay area right now. despite the fact that clouds are increasing a bit. here's a fleiss view from our rooftop camera looking eastward across the bay. this is a look at our forecast features, breezy and cooler tomorrow scattered showers are likely on saturday. and there will be weekend snow
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in the sierras finally here's a salt light radar composite showing the storms are north along the coastal areas of british columbia and it will be unsettled as well. 11:00 tonight at which point there will be light rainfall to our north. and then as the low pressure system drops southward, early tomorrow morning, we'll see clouds thickening and moisture in the atmosphere, it's not likely we'll see any significant or measurable rain tomorrow. there could be a sprinkle here and there, we will see some sierra snow showers there tomorrow, as the system continues we'll see scattered showers developing early saturday morning, more snow showers in the sierra it looks like most of the rain that will fall in the bay area will be in the south bay and south bay mountains. our projection calls for a quarter inch or half an inch in some south bay mountain locations.
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we'll see only no measurable rain at all up to about a tenth of an inch in the wetter locations, near bay level. in the sierra winter weather advisories in effect 4 to 8 inches of snow above 5500 feet. travel delays and chain requirements are likely. tonight in the bay area look for increasingly cloudy skies. low 50s around the bay and near the coast, tomorrow we'll see mostly cloudy skies, breezy and cooler, with highs ranging from upper 50s at the coast to lower and mid-60s near the bay and inland. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. scattered showers on saturday. we don't expect much rain from this there could be brief locally heavy downpours. partly cloudy to mainly sunny on sunday. we'll see a few clouds in the sky. looks like dry sailing ahead after our showers on saturday. >> thank you, spencer. >> run llamas run.
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curious onlookers, residents and authorities tried to coral the loose pair in sun city arizona this afternoon. >> for nearly 30 minutes, they eluded their chaser. one man tried to lure the black llama into a false sense of security to no avail. >> some resourceful people took out their lassos and went to work. see them lasso the black one and the white one led chasers around for a few more minutes. take a look at this impressive lasso attempt right there on the first try. animal control took the llamas away, it's unclear where they escaped from. >> they didn't want to be caught. definitely not. >> a gigantic distinction for a hometown athlete. what does buster posey think about being the face of major league baseball. >> the blunt safety methods directed at pilots of the world's largest airline. a scary incident that prompted
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prince william began his week long visit to japan and china. this is his first trip to both uncountries. here he is having tea in tokyo. and cake at a green tea ceremony. he plans to raise awareness about a campaign for innovation. when he arrives in china it will be the first visit by a senior british royal family member since 1986. the top dress at the oscars, stolen. the dress was stolen out of her west hollywood hotel room yesterday. it's made of 6,000 pearls. security footage may have caught the culprit in the act. the 31-year-old won the best supporting actress oscar last year for her role in 12 years a slave. she was a presenter at this year's ceremony. >> that's a shame. beautiful dress. major league baseball fans really like buster posey. >> check out the tweets that have been sent in support of
4:25 pm
pozzi pozzi, and the face of major league baseball campaign. >> pozzi tweeted a message to them late today much the giants catcher is the winner of this year's face of the game contest. >> pozzi out polled the met third baseman on social media. >> any time you're voted on anything by the fans, it's special. being here a while now, i don't understand how passionate the giants fans are, and always appreciate their support 37. >> posey received a big boost from the giants. the team changed the name of the official twitter account during the final days of the campaign. >> sean doolittle finished in the top four of the voting. >> mike schuman is in arizona. he talked with buster's teammates about pozzi's new title. >> we'll have a report live from arizona at 6:00. still ahead in our next half
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hour, students honored for their role rescued birds sickened by a mysterious goo. a big battle over marijuana in our nation's capitol. d.c. lawmakers defy warnings from the feds with a huge decision. the hyperloop plan gets kicked into hyperdrive. his ambitious plan for lightening-fast transportation. television announcer: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale is on now. bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: right now,
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a san francisco police officer is accuses of going too far while trying to get a homeless man off a muni bus. the officer tries to rouse bernard warren. can you see the situation quickly escalated. later in the video, officer chiao can be seen pepper spraying the man and it hitting him with his baton. the video was released from the public defender's office and representing warren. bus drivers who shuttle apple employees will vote whether to unionize. matt keller tweeted this photo of apple in cupertino supporting the driver's demand for higher pay and better benefits. activists told abc news, they hope this will prevent the
4:30 pm
creation of toll roads on the internet. united airlines is warning its pilots after mistakes in the cockpit put passenger planes in potential danger. abc news obtained a message from united officials describing four different events. ted rowlands has the details. the memo sent early last month points out safety events and near misses across the industry. including this ups plane crash in alabama in which the crew didn't realize they were too low. the statement mentions two other incidents. one an emergency pullup to avoid crashing into the ground. the memo telling pilots let's not for a moment think something like this could not happen at united. the message is clear. flight crews must be careful. every pilot must be willing to speak up if safety is in question. meanwhile, southwest is back at
4:31 pm
full capacity after having to cancel about 100 flights because of overdue backup hydraulic system inspections for nearly a third of its fleet. >> it doesn't make me feel too safe, knowing they didn't keep it up to inspection, and it makes me feel like my flight's going to go down. is there anything else they didn't check? >> the southwest case should give passengers comfort. >> for anybody flying southwest airlines, don't worry about this at all. it's evidence that the system is working, they found the problem they corrected it. >> the faa has worked out a deal with southwest airlines allowing them to fly those planes as long as they're all inspected by this sunday. recreational use of marijuana is legal in washington, d.c., about the voter approved measure allows adults to possess two ounces or less, and grow up to 6 marijuana plants at a primary residence. washington's mayor is defying congress which passed a law blocking it.
4:32 pm
they warned the mayor she would be breaking federal law. the mayor isn't worried about being arrested. >> i have a lot of things to do here in the district of columbia, me being in jail wouldn't be a good thing. marijuana advocates say despite protests by congress it's just another sign of growing public acceptance nationwide, it does not appear congress is preparing to take immediate action against d.c. a federal judge cleared the way for adrian peterson to possibly be reinstated. the judge overturned peterson's suspension, this was implemented by the nfl after his no contest plea in a child abuse case involving his young son. the judge ruled the league violated the collective bargaining agreement. the cases now goes back to the arbitrator peterson's you is smengs could have ended on april 15th. the nominee to become the nation's next attorney general
4:33 pm
moved one step closer to confirmation this afternoon. the senate judiciary committee sent the nomination to the full senate. she's unlikely to win a resounding approval. some republicans don't like the fact she supports the republican's position on immigration. she is expected to win a majority vote. if confirmed she'll replace eric holder. a field trip for east bay students today. they went to the beach. there was a serious lesson involved. hi wayne. >> good afternoon dan. it's been a while since we talked about that mystery goo that came along the east bayshore line and killed hundreds of birds. a lot of us were moved by that story. some of us moved to act about those third graders were among them, and today they received a just reward. their school, there's recess, a day at the beach. and in alameda, how about all three wrapped up in one.
4:34 pm
>> is this better than going to class? >> yeah p.m. >> you want to go back to school later? >> no. >> except for the fact that the third graders from oakland's park day school never left. class remained in session at alameda beach with the teaching points arriving in crates. four pelicans two gulls to be released before a private audience of these kids. >> we're happy for them they can go free. >> another take on the mystery goo that fouled feathers between alameda and san leandro and killed more than 200 birds last january. >> it could be oil or chemicals, something like that maybe. >> i never really got a good glimpse of it. i never smelled it. >> the plight of those birds touched these kids and their teacher. >> we had a conversation about how they wanted to respond to the issue. >> reporter: the kids raised more than $600 to help the
4:35 pm
birds. >> $607.30. >> does that correlate with your numbers? >> yes. >> reporter: that money went to international bird rescue which gave the kids a unique thank you by inviting them to watch this bird release. these birds were not goo victims, they all come from the same place, and they represent the same on going commitment. >> these kids are amazing. >> call it a teaching moment, a day at the beach and a lesson to last their lifetimes. from alameda, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. still ahead, an upset mcdonald's customer makes an accusation against the fast food chain. >> the industrial solvent she found in her drink and what happened after she took a big gulp. >> we see a few high clouds little breaks of blue, lovely afternoon, clouds will get thicker and rain is approaching.
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an indiana man is recovering after drinking tea contaminated with a cleaning solution at mcdonald's. he was rushed to the hospital after he took a drink of the tea he poured for himself inside this west indianapolis
4:39 pm
mcdonald's. >> he filled his cup with ice, he gets half unsweetined tea he fills it with sweet tea thought it looked really dark. takes a drink of it and the initial whole thing is burning. >> police determined watkins drank a heavy duty degreaser used to clean floors. several claims have been made against mcdonald's before. an indiana teenager said he ingested cleaning solution in mcdonald's tea. it will not be exactly what we need but every drop counts these days. we have some rain coming along. >> spencer christian is here with what's ahead. >> that seems to be quite elusive this winter. we have some high clouds around, which will thicken over night. let's bounce over to the other side of the country where even though conditions are pretty
4:40 pm
calm right now there's a little snow shower activity over the central rockies and more missing from the central valley and ohio valley. tomorrow it will be cold again over the eastern two thirds to three quarters of the country. highs of only 15 tomorrow at fargo. 17 in minneapolis. 31 in washington, d.c.. back to california tomorrow. look for slowers around eureka, snow showers over the sierra, and a few rainshowers down south. here in the bay area, we'll see increasing clouds, it will be breezy and cool. highs in the upper 50s along the coast tomorrow. that's what we'll get tomorrow in advance of the showers that will come in on saturday. scattered showers on saturday. not exactly what we need but enough to dampen things a bit. and satisfy our appetites. maybe it's just a teaser. >> yeah it's an appetizer. >> rain appetizer. >> i like that rain appetizer.
4:41 pm
the abc show "extreme weight loss" will be in northern california this weekend to hold an open casting call at the embassy suites hotel in downtown sacramento. they will be on site from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 you know sleep deprivation is bad for you. what about getting too much rest. also on the way, a test track one man wants to build for the lightningening-fast way of getting around. credit card companies are not acting quickly to keep your private information safe. so one change that's taking
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in honor of black history month, we're using our abc 7 news instagram feed to celebrate what's happening where you live. we're highlighting the 20th annual collage day couture african dance and music showcase in oakland next saturday night march 7th. we have more information on our abc 7 news bay area instagram
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feed. the weekend is almost here a lot of us look forward to sleeping in on our days off. too much of a good thing is trouble. a popular over the counter diet pill is back. >> ally the diet pill is back in most stores. glaxosmithkline voluntarily recalled it last march after determining some packages did not contain ally. the trends in hip replacement surgery are younger patients and faster recovery times. doctors tell the palm beach daily news. half of the hip replacement patients are now under 55. recovery times have been lowered to four months as well. the biggest first line of treatment for hip pain is a lifestyle change that involves dieting, because the hips and knees support about four times the body weight. people who sleep more than eight hours are more likely to have a stroke.
4:46 pm
those who slept more than 8 hours a night, had a 46% higher chance of a stroke. adults who have been said to need between 6 and 9 hours sleep feel well rested. oversleeping has been linked to diabetes in the past. a person obsessed with eating healthy is called orthorexia. it says that a focus an obsessive focus on controlling diet can interfere with day to day activities. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king, here's to your health. the idea of zipping people from place to place in tubes is a step closer to reality. the hyperloop is a network of above ground tubes that zip's capsules filled with people at
4:47 pm
near supersonic speeds. the cost to build the test capsule is estimated at $100 million. hyperloop could be up and running by 2019. >> that's a wild concept. >> yes it is. apple may soon unveil more about one of its most anticipated devices. this is a look at the invitation the company sent out for an event march 9th in san francisco. since the invitation says spring forward. many assume they plan to release information about the new i watch. the transition from the magnetic strip credit cards to the more secure electronic chip cards is going more slowly than promised. >> one of my cards i just got replaced. there's much more. >> reporter: they're much more secure. credit card issuers have an
4:48 pm
october 1st deadline. a new study shows that's not going to happen. the big car companies wanted to chip cards by that day. it appears only about half to three quarters of the cards will be chip enabled by the deadline. who's getting the cards? the more upscale consumer. >> the wealthier you are, and the more educated you are, the more likely you are to have one of these cards. and that's partially because folks who were the earliest adopters of these cards are folks who travel internationally, who tend to be a little more affluent. >> throughout most of the rest of the world, chip cards are the standard. the transition should be completed sometime in 2016. after three years, do you still like that new car you bought? jd power and associates is taking a look at how owners rate
4:49 pm
equality of their cars after three years. the company tallies up problems owners have had over the past 12 months with their 3-year-old cars. for fewer problems, lexus came in first. the brand with the most problems, fee at. cuba is a new destination and a new hot destination for travelers now that the u.s. has normalized relations after 50 years. several weeks back i told you airlines and charters were applying with the federal government to take more passengers to that island nation. now there are reports that shipping companies are trying to get into the act too. ferry companies from miami and key west are asking for permission to run the route son. united, america's shipping says they plan to offer a 10-hour overnight service with sleeping cabins and dining facilities. it would leave from miami. >> it's all changing quickly. >> really quickly. with the lunar new year and
4:50 pm
bringing back bat kid, there's plenty to do this weekend. >> layla has some ideas on how to explore where you live. kristen zee will be ringing in the chinese new year in redwood city this weekend. they have something for the whole family including arts and crafts for the kids. the year of the ram festivities will take place downtown at courthouse square. nearly 100 u.s. and international films will be presented in silicon valley. through march 8th audiences will be treated to a variety of genres that both celebrate the art of film making and technology. as black history month comes to a close guests will indulge their senses with cuisine, live jazz and spoken word. chefs will provide their interpretations of african-american classics, while providing cooking demonstrations through march first. for more information go to our
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website at abc 7 >> lots to do. well, abc 7 news at 4:00 continues after the break. cheryl jennings is in the newsroom with a look at what's coming up at 5:00. >> the abc 7 newsroom coming up at 5:00, back to school. officers are learning to help them. help people with mental conditions. a bay area business helps the jackpot, it's now worth lowe's presents: how to use the greek gods to update your deck. wow, i can't believe you did this deck yourself. well me, lowe's and zeus and apollo. now get 10% off in-stock composite decking at lowe's.
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4:55 pm or download the free app by searching watch abc in your app store. it was girls only today on a very special visit to lockheed space systems in sunnyvale. it was all part of engineers week. today is national introduce a girl to engineering day. chris winn has the story from silicon valley. >> you start making the next one while another one's being made. >> it was a trip these girls had never been on. they scored an invitation to lockheed martin. >> it was pretty eye opening. i get a good feel what engineers do. >> on the agenda special access to the solar array facility. >> i was able to be a part of what they were doing. the fact that i was able to touch the button and make double solar panels that was cool.
4:56 pm
>> women make up nearly a quarter of exempt employees. quite an improvement from 30 years ago, more work needs to be done to attract additional women to the workforce. >> mark is the vice president of engineering. >> and they'll be the leaders of tomorrow that will then bring the next generation of females to science and technology and be the engineers that design the next mission to mars and the next satellite. >> students took part in a paper airplane contest with engineers. >> it's easy to say let's build something with the simplest materials we can, paper, see how you do. modify it and see whether you can do better. >> inspiring the next generation of engineers one conversation at a time. >> in sunnyvale, chris winn abc 7 news. >> what a neat event. >> kfc is trying out a new treat that has nothing to do with the signature dish it's around edible coffee cup. can you drink your coffee and then eat the cup.
4:57 pm
the cup is a cookie wrapped in sugar paper and lined with a layer of white chocolate. if you want one, you have to head to the u.k., kfc doesn't have plans to use the cups in the u.s. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> another health scare for bart riders, a person contagious with measles, rides a train into the city. find out when and which route. i saw this big face and i just thought, oh, my god, what do i do? >> an up close encounter on the peninsula. after word of arrests in a terrible north bay kidnapping, a mystery woman emerges correcting what police say happened. >> cloudier and cooler weather for your friday before a little bit of rain moves in. we'll talk about the timing in the accuweather forecast.
4:58 pm
400,000 people use bart to commute each and every day. for the second time, some of them may have been exposed to measles. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> thanks for joining us. san mateo health officials are warning that a contagious measles patient rode a bart train last friday and may have infected others. this is the fourth case in that county. out of 127 confirmed cases in california since the outbreak started in december 2014. here in the bay area alameda, six cases, santa clara three, marin county two cases. leann melendez joins us from the bart station. leann? >> the infected person got on a bart train at this station last friday. it was a reverse commute meaning not too many people were on board. the person was on the train for
4:59 pm
only 30 minutes, the virus stayed on board for much longer. bart believes about 1400 people got on that richmond bound train. the reason bart recorded a two and a half hour window, the measles virus stays alive for at least two hours. >> it can stay active in suspended in air for up to two hour hours. that's enough time for that richmond bound train to get to richmond go back to milbray and go back to richmond. >> people who got on the train after the person got off could have been exposed. family members and friends of the patient have been notified. so has the person's employer in case co-workers may have been infected. bart commuters reacted to the latest case.
5:00 pm
>> you hear about a case you get a little scared. if it happens, it happens. if it's airborne, there's not much you can do. >> i think they should start encouraging public authorities to avoid measles outbreaks. >> this latest incident is not expected to have affected as many bart riders as the incident earlier this month. san pla te'o county is urging anyone who may have been on that richmond train to get tested. they are also asking residents to get a measles vaccine. in milbray leann melendez abc 7 news. a small explosion inside a sunnyvale business this afternoon, left two employees shaken up. sky 7 hd was on the scene. authorities tell us it was an


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